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Areion 3D printed electric racer

‘Think of it as a giant printer than can bend auto-body parts … and a concept that pretty much bends the mind.

A bunch of Belgian engineers, who obviously downed a few Trappist beers to dream up this idea, managed to make a mini-racecar-shaped electric vehicle from body panels that were made – wait for it – with a massive 3DPrinter.

First, the basics. The group is called Formula Group T and the car is called the Areion, which is supposed to symbolize an “immortal, strong and swift mythological horse” and is also really hard to spell. The car weighs just 616 pounds and has a 63-inch wheel base but has an electric motor that delivers about 114 horsepower, meaning that the car can rocket from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about three seconds.

As for the rest? Well, our friends at Wired say (because we’re still having a hard time figuring out the concept) that the body parts were constructed from biocomposite material that was formed by a massive 3DPrinter made by “custom object builder” Materialise. The inspiration? Aerodynamic swimsuits. Go Speedo racer, go!’

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