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The inevitable progress of home 3DPrinting to full colour has taken another step forward thanks to RichRap.RepRap hobbiest RichRap has taken a leap for mankind by developing a 3-way extruder (material depositing mechanism, picture a print-head on a conventional printer) for opensource RepRap 3DPrinters.__________________________________________________________________

RichRap says:
‘…In June I …added three feeder tubes. I had initially intended these to be separately driven Cyan, Magenta and Yellow feed, but after some testing realised that all sorts of blends could be made by running single or multiple extruder’s at intervals separately or together.’
The outcome of a single extruder capable of accepting up to three separate filament inputs produces beautifully colourful objects.What is more, as this is a free opensource project, RichRap has made the plans for this extruder available on the 3DPrintable object online catalogue for all to use.As 3DPrinters can produce everything from a vase to 3D Van Gogh the possibilities are simply endless.

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