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Autodesk Labs has released a free technology preview of a new augmented reality plugin for Showcase 2013 which will operate until 31 October 2012.

As a work-in-progress technology, it’s possible that it might make it into DS Max Design. According to a YouTube user comment the software can use any image as a marker when dropping a 3D object into a live video feed: most existing plugins require specific marker types.

Augmented Reality allows the ability to overlay semantically in context information (graphics, text, video, sound) on to a live video feed of the real-world in real-time. With the Augmented Reality plugin, Showcase scene environments can be more dynamic, allowing you to Imagine, Design and Create in a real world context

Autodesk Showcase has photorealistic 3D real-time rendering, but Autodesk reports that the plug-in makes it easier than ever to visualise showcase 3D models in the real-world as viewed through your web or video camera.


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