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Advertised as looking and even smelling like wood after printing, this 3DPrinter wood filament can be grinded and painted as per conventionally formed wood commodities. By alternating 3DPrint temperatures it’s even possible to produce tree rings. 

This is a big step forward for the home 3DPrinting sector, particularly as one of the major limitations that has been cited over the last year of rapid hype expansion for additive manufacturing has been the low breadth of materials available for the cheaper varieties of printer that are more likely to find themselves on the desk tops of the masses.

That which widens applications widens appeal, that which widens appeal widens potential market, that which widens potential market widens the window of opportunity for 3DPrinting to fulfill it’s publicised, now almost prophetically projected, rise into a revolutionary technology.

TECH SPECS:  The wood is 3mm Diameter, comes as bundle of 500g as per the featured the picture. The material is especially designed for RepRap and similar 3DPrinters. No heated bed is necessary. Recommended extruder temperatures 185°-230°C.