3D Hologram Printer…

Pioneer Corporation‘s “compact” hologram printer may push the boundaries of what a person may deem reasonable as an object to fit on a desktop, but full-color holograms may well be worth the oversight.

Aside the size as an headline feature, in fact it’s the ease of use that makes the hologram printer special. It produces Lippman holograms, which traditionally would require a darkened room, real models be photographed, and vibration dampers fitted to keep things sufficiently stable.

Pioneer’s system, however, can run from a 3D CAD file, and demands no real depth of technical knowledge, beyond hitting print.

The hologram output measures up to 75.6 x 50.4 mm, large enough for business cards, greetings cards, photographs, and more.

Exactly how much the printer will cost has not been revealed, though it’ll probably not come cheap…


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