REVIEW: LulzBot TK-0



Aleph Objects’ LulzBot TK-0 3D Printer  announced a huge 300mm x 300mm x 225mm build volume…

The high end specifications continue with a 250mm/sec printing speed at 100 microns.

Just as amazingly it is designed to be assembled and calibrated in 2.5 hours.

^This somewhat amazing fold-up design could make the TK-0 one to watch…


For the more technically minded reader, here is an in-depth of those all important specifications.


Main specs:

  • RAMBo electronics.
  • Fully enclosed electronics case with fan and strain relief.
  • Panucatt Heatbed.
  • LM8EUU bearings.
  • Marlin firmware.
  • Pronterface printer control.
  • Comes with 0.50mm, 0.35mm, 0.25mm nozzles.
  • No belt slippage or stretching.
  • Folds up into a small box, for easier and less expensive shipping.
  • Weight: 11kg including power supply.
  • Size: 585mm x 525mm x 525mm.
  • Size of unit when folded: 585mm x 525mm x 190mm.
  • Enclosed UL certified power supply (will be 24V).
  • Wade’s Reloaded extruder.
  • All extrusion lengths the same–very easily scalable up or down.
  • All rod lengths the same.
  • All belt lengths the same.
  • Colored LEDs to indicate heat and cooling.
  • Materials: ABS or PLA.