London’s 3DPrinting Trade Show >

Some of 3DPrinting’s possibilities will be on display at the UK’s first 3DPrinting trade show from Friday to next Sunday at The Brewery in central London . Clothes made using the technique will be exhibited in a live fashion show, which will include the unveiling of a hat designed for the event by the milliner Stephen Jones, and a band playing a specially composed score on 3DPrinted musical instruments.

3DPrinting is Star Trek science made reality, with the potential for production-line replacement body parts, aeronautical spares, fashion, furniture and virtually any other object on demand.

The cutting-edge technology, which layers plastic resin in a manner similar to an inkjet printer to create 3D objects, is on its way to becoming affordable for home use.

Some 2,000 consumers are expected to join 1,000 people from the burgeoning industry to see what the technique has to offer, including jewellery and art.

A 3D body scanner, which can reproduce a “mini” version of the person scanned, will also be on display. Workshops run by Jason Lopes of Legacy Effects, which provided 3DPrinted models and props for cinema blockbusters such as the Iron Man series and Snow White and the Huntsman, will add a sprinkling of Hollywood glamour. Kerry Hogarth, the woman behind 3DPrintshow, said yesterday she aims to showcase the potential of the technology for families.

Prices for printers start at around £1,o00 – DIY kits from around £500 – they will continue to drop steadily over the coming year.

Birmingham-based Black Country Atelier, will invite people to design a model vehicle and then see the result “printed” off for them to take home.

“We believe 3DPrinting needs to be seen to be believed,” Ms Hogarth said. “We hope that our show will give fashion students, makers, designers, artists, families and businesses the chance to see the different types of services, software and print technology available to them.”

3D Printshow runs from 19-21 October (